Northernmost rose garden in Haboro reaches its peak

Haboro Rose Garden, where sweet fragrances drift from the colorful roses as the viewing season reaches its peak

Flowers at the Haboro Rose Garden, the northernmost rose garden in Japan, located in the town of Haboro in the Rumoi region of northern Hokkaido, have begun to bloom and are now reaching their peak. Sweet fragrances drift from the garden, where red, white, yellow and other colored roses grow, delighting visitors and local residents alike.

The 3,500-m2 garden, which opened in 1998, contains around 2,000 rose bushes, comprising approximately 300 varieties. The first flowers to bloom this year did so approximately 10 days earlier than usual, with some varieties beginning to bloom in early June. Thanks to favorable weather conditions, the flowers reached full bloom around July 10.
A couple visiting from the city of Chiba, who stopped by the rose garden during a round-Hokkaido trip by car, said, “We feel lucky to have seen the roses, which are no longer in bloom in Honshu. That’s what makes Japan’s northernmost rose garden so special.”


Haboro Rose Garden