One last look at koinobori carp streamers at Kitami elementary school to close next spring

Kaminikoro Elementary School students frolicking with carp fish streamers that are swimming under a clear sky

Koinobori carp streamers were raised on April 16 at the schoolyard in Kaminikoro Elementary School in Eastern Hokkaido’s city of Kitami. The 22 koinobori streamers colored red, blue, and green swam leisurely amidst the rural region wind.

Koinobori streamers are flown in spring, symbolizing the hope that children will grow up to be healthy. Kaminikoro Elementary School has traditionally received used streamers from community residents and flown them yearly. But the school is scheduled to close in March 2022, making this year the end of that tradition. On April 16, a total of approximately 40 children, teachers, and community residents worked together, crossing the schoolyard with the streamers.

When the team pulled on the ropes and carp streamers started dancing in the spring breeze, the children cheered in joy and ran around the schoolyard trying to catch them.


Kaminikoro Elementary School