Online Japanese archery match. 200 students competed

Kitami Hokuto High School competitors shoot arrows in a kyudo match held online

Kyudo (Japanese archery) teams from 12 high schools in Hokkaido linked their kyudo training halls together via the online conference system “Zoom” and held an archery competition on February 27. Approximately 200 contestants participated from the Okhotsk, Central Hokkaido, and Northern Hokkaido regions, engaging in fierce competition throughout the match.

Amidst competition event closures due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, this event was held with the goal of improving team member skill and maintaining motivation. According to match sources, this was the first match held at this scale online in Hokkaido.

A screen was set up for viewing kyudo archery shots at competing schools at the kyudo training hall in Kitami Hokuto High School, located in Eastern Hokkaido’s Okhotsk region.

When arrows hit their targets, shouts of, “Yes!” and applause could be heard. Some high schools wore headbands as they competed, and the kyudo training halls brimmed with the feeling of competitions from normal times. Kitami Hokuto High School female team leader Iwai Yuzuki reported her satisfaction, saying, “We were able to compete with far away high schools online, and I was even able to spot some areas for improvement in skill.”

The first prize for teams went to Sapporo Shiroishi High School. First prizes to individual competitors were awarded to a Sapporo Asukaze High School student in the male category and an Engaru High School student in the female category.


Kitami Hokuto High School