Operation of ‘Snow Miku’ Sapporo City streetcar begins

A fan holding a Snow Miku doll takes photos as this season’s operation of the ‘Snow Miku streetcar’ begins

This season’s operation of the Sapporo City streetcar emblazoned with images of ‘Snow Miku’, the winter version of the virtual idol singer Hatsune Miku that originated in Sapporo, began on November 21. Amid the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, posters of Snow Miku calling for the wearing of masks and staggered commute times are displayed inside the streetcar. The streetcar will operate on up to 15 services per day until March 24 next year.
 The Snow Miku streetcar has operated every year since 2010. This season’s theme is ‘illumination’ and the streetcar features Snow Miku in blue and white toned costumes on a background of snow scenes lit by streetlamps. The winning design was voted for by fans from a selection of six that remained form the original total of 974 received after the public were invited to send in their ideas.
 Public unveiling of the streetcar was cancelled due to the spread of Coronavirus infection, but the interior and exterior of the Snow Miku streetcar can be enjoyed via computers and smartphones on the following exclusive site as of 2 p.m. on December 1.


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