Oshima Shinkin Bank mobile ATM van starts service

First among Hokkaido credit unions, the Oshima Shinkin Bank mobile ATM van started service on May 24

On May 24, Oshima Shinkin Bank credit union in the Southern Hokkaido town of Mori began operating a “Mobile ATM Van” service with a van carrying an onboard ATM. According to the Bank, this is the first mobile ATM van service for a Hokkaido credit union.

The new service uses one van, called the “Oshima Shinkin-go”. The van is operated by one driver and two credit union clerks. In addition to providing assistance with ATM services such as depositing, withdrawing, and transferring money, the clerks also provide financial consultation. Amidst continued depopulation in the credit union’s business area, the aim is to assist elderly credit union members who face difficulties in visiting the credit union on public transportation. Also, the experience of disorder among financial institutions during blackouts from the 2018 Eastern Iburi Earthquake is prompting plans to dispatch the service throughout Hokkaido in times of natural disaster.

Oshima Shinkin Bank marked 110 years since inception this May, and began considering new financial services. The decision was to start a mobile ATM van service. The ATM van travels a pre-decided route, but can also respond to requests to visit places like households.


Oshima Shinkin Bank Head office