【Column】Shiribeshi Hug a Hubby Day

Sep. 25
Written by Ross Findlay; Australian 29-year resident of Niseko Kutchan and NAC Niseko Adventure Centre CEO.

Today is the official Shiribeshi Hug your Husband day. It is very important that all wives in the Shiribeshi area give their husbands a big hug today.

Hugs are the ultimate stress reliever. Some men do have quite stressful lives. And men are very likely to bottle this stress. Maybe it is a point of manly pride that we do not show our emotions. After all we do have the grand title of 主人to live up to. Stress can be the result of anything from a high pressure work environment, a wife that doesn’t seem interested in you anymore, to trying to communicate with the teenage daughter, or even to trying to train a puppy that will not do what it’s told. A hug can immediately dilute this stress, relax you and reset your mood.

I believe hugs to be a hugely important relationship tool. If you have been married for several years or even decades. It becomes very easy for routines to set in. Day in day out both husband and wife set out for their day. Whatever their occupations, for most of us this means similar movements everyday. The husband goes to work, comes home, relaxes on the sofa, has a beer, some dinner, a bath, then to bed, only to wake up and do the same the next day. We start to take our relationship with our partner for granted. They are doing their routine and we are doing ours. At what point did we stop showing affection to each other. Today is your chance to break the routine and hug your husband. Renew the flame, stoke the fire, bring the heat and love back into your relationship. This could be the first step into making your marriage the fun and love that you know you want it to be.

So, Hug your Hubby today. Let this be the start of hugging your husband everyday. Hugging is not limited to wives, except for the official Shiribeshi Hug a Hubby day. Husbands feel free to give your wife a hug any day or everyday.

Wife’s take note: on the official Shiribeshi Hug a Hubbie day, you are only allowed to hug your own husband.


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