Obihiro landscape company produces ‘kadomatsu’ to wish for good health in the new year 

As the year-end approached last December, the Inotani landscaping company in the city of Obihiro was busy making ‘kadomatsu’ – the traditional New Year decoration said to bring good luck – with seven craftsmen and women working enthusiastically at the company’s workshops. 

The kadomatsu are made from Moso bamboo from Honshu, surrounded by branches of Sakhalin fir from the town of Toyokoro, and decorated with artificial plum flowers. The company makes four varieties: the 1.3-meter-high ‘Fuku,’ the 1.5-meter-high ‘Ume,’ the 2.1-meter-high ‘Take,’ and the 2.5-meter-high ‘Matsu,’ of which approximately 300 were produced between December 13 and 17 to order, and delivered to restaurants, hotels, hospitals and the like within the subprefecture.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues throughout Japan, the company “made the products while hoping that the new year is a good year in which everyone can enjoy good health”.

Kadomatsu being decorated for the New Year