2,500 hydrangeas float on the pond at the Matsumae clan mansion

A ‘floating hydrangea’ event, in which hydrangea flowers are floated on a pond at the Matsumae clan mansion in Matsumae Park in the town of Matsumae, took place from July 22–August 1. The colorful blue and pink flowers were enjoyed by both locals and tourists alike.

The annual ‘Hydrangea Festival’ which is usually held in August, has been cancelled for two years running due to Coronavirus, and this event was inaugurated last year by the Matsumae Tourist Association in the hope of “providing a cool environment for the townspeople”.

Approximately 2,500 hydrangeas are floated on the surface of the 3-meter-wide, 7-meter-long, L-shaped pond to make it look as if they are blooming in the water. According to the director general of the Matsumae Tourist Association, “There hasn’t been much rain this year so when the flowers are floated on the water, they look full of vigor.”

Approximately 2,500 hydrangeas floating on the pond at the Matsumae clan mansion


Matsumae clan mansion