Peak moth orchid shipping season in Akabira

Akabira Orchid moth orchids waiting in the greenhouse to be shipped

Akabira Orchid in the Central Hokkaido town of Akabira is responsible for 70% of Hokkaido orchid cultivation. In preparation for peak demand in the year-end gift giving season, large moth orchid flowers are blooming amazingly in its greenhouses, in colors including white and pink.

In all of their 12 greenhouses, the average temperature is maintained at 21 degrees Celsius. There, Akabira Orchid cultivates some 140 thousand moth orchids of over 200 varieties throughout the year, and ships them all over Hokkaido. The year-end season is the second largest peak demand season after Mother’s Day. In an average year, Akabira Orchid ships close to twenty thousand orchids in December alone.

Flowers shipped in by air from Taiwan grow for half of a year. About ten beautiful blossoms bloom from a single stem, and look like a multitude of butterflies dancing in the air. Section Chief Suzuki commented, “Blooming is a tad late this year because of the unusually hot summer,” and reported that the blooming peak will be after December 20.

The best sellers are twenty to thirty thousand yen for three stems in one pot. The orchids require water once or twice a month, and last for over two months.


Akabira Orchid