Photo weddings amidst magnificent Bihoro scenery

An example wedding photo taken at Bihoro Pass. This image of a couple standing atop a cliff was captured with a 600 mm telephoto lens (photography by Hayata)

“How about some wedding memorial photos amidst the beautiful scenery of Bihoro?” Bihoro Town based planning company Active Management (President: Kimura Toshiaki) in the Eastern Hokkaido Okhotsk region launched a photo wedding plan in partnership with a professional studio photographer. Participants can don a rental wedding dress and tuxedo and take photos amidst magnificent local scenery like Bihoro Pass.

The name of the plan is “B wedding”. The most famous scenic site in town is of course Bihoro Pass, but Bihoro is also home to places like the Green Village Forest Park with its lush natural environs, the Bihoro Aviation Park with its spacious photographic grounds, Bihoro Museum and the JR Bihoro Station building with their chic architectural ambiance, and scenery like the expansive agricultural fields. Kimura proclaims, “There are photogenic areas all over Bihoro,” and his plan uses that abundance of scenic options. 

The photography is conducted by photographer Hayata Keisuke from the Bihoro based Photo Studio Hayata. He has an impressive lineup including lens equipment with a focal length of 14-600 mm, professional cameras, and drones. Couples can choose up to three photograph locations in one session. An online or in-person meeting is conducted before taking pictures. The fee is 99,000 yen per couple (with a separate fee for clothing rental), but the first five couples only pay 55,000 per session.
Hayata calls on potential customers, “I want to continue taking photographs that remind me of why I love Bihoro so much. This plan is wonderful not only for newlyweds, but also for married couples who want to have photographs commemorating their bond.” The “B wedding” project website address is

Plan designer Kimura (left) and photographer Hayata


Bihoro Pass