Recreational fishing season opens on Lake Shikaribetsu endemic species Miyabe char fish

People enjoying fishing at Lake Shikaribetsu (6:15 a.m., June 21, Shikaoi Town, Tokachi Subprefecture)

Daisetsuzan National Park’s Lake Shikaribetsu stretches through the towns of Shikaoi and Kamishihoro in the Tokachi region and is home to the endemic species Miyabe char fish. On June 21, the recreational fishing season opened for the Miyabe char fish there for the summer season. Recreational fishers gathered from both inside and outside of Hokkaido and enjoyed fishing for Miyabe char fish at the lake.

The Miyabe char fish is a subspecies of the Dolly Varden trout that evolved independently in Lake Shikaribetsu. For a total of 50 days over summer and autumn, the municipal administration of Shikaoi permits up to 50 people per day to fish at the lake, as long as they catch and release. Last season was canceled due to impact from the novel coronavirus pandemic. This season was originally slated to open on May 28, but was postponed following the State of Emergency Declaration.

On the first day fifty fishing enthusiasts came from places such as Obihiro, Sapporo, and Tokyo. After receiving body temperature inspections and sanitizing their hands, they set off in boats right when the season officially opened at 6:00 a.m. Miyabe char fish approximately 30 centimeters in length were caught. A freelance photographer from Kanagawa Prefecture reported, “Fishing amidst nature is amazing. I want to enjoy myself here, and of course cooperate with efforts to curb coronavirus spreading while I do.”

Recreational summer fishing lasted until July 1.


Lake Shikaribetsu