Refreshing and cooling chimes at the Furin Matsuri

Wind bells with prayers written on their dangling paper strips ring with refreshing and cool chiming sounds

In mid-August, some two hundred wind bells with wishes written on their paper strips are hanging at Biei Shrine in northern Hokkaido’s town of Biei. The bells ring with refreshing and cooling chiming sounds.
Inspired by the practice of “natsumode” prayers for peace and tranquility from summertime to the end of the year, Biei Shrine started holding the summer “Furin Matsuri” (Wind Bell Festival) two years ago. Wind bells are hung around the chozuya purification fountain and on the side approach path racks. Wishes written on the papers strips dangling from the bells included career and love related wishes as well as a great deal of wishes for an end to the novel coronavirus pandemic with wording like, “I wish the coronavirus would disappear!” Part of the new summer natsumode custom is the wish against pandemics, and Biei Shrine said, “We want visitors to hear the sound of the wind bells and spend the rest of their year with a refreshed feeling.”


Biei Shrine