ROYCE’ Town Station opened on March 12

On March 12, a new railway station, ROYCE’ Town Station (Tobetsu) opened for business on the JR Hokkaido Sassho Line. As part of a commemorative tour organized by the town of Tobetsu and the like, a special ‘Lavender train’ (5 carriages) operated between Sapporo and ROYCE’ Town stations. Town residents and railway enthusiasts gathered around the station to celebrate the opening of the new station.

ROYCE’ Town Station is a ‘petition station’ that was established after Tobetsu Town and ROYCE’ Confect (Sapporo), a confectionery manufacturer based in the town, submitted a request to JR. The new station was established between the Ainosato Koen (Kita-ku, Sapporo) and Futomi stations, with the ROYCE’ Futomi factory located approximately 300 meters north of the station. The station building and platform construction costs were covered by ROYCE’ Confect Co., Ltd.
The commemorative tour utilized a lavender colored express train carriage. Ninety-two passengers, including those from Hiroshima, Tokyo and other cities outside Hokkaido, boarded the train, which departed from Sapporo Station. Upon arrival at ROYCE’ Town Station, passengers took photos with the brand-new station building and the commemorative train in the background.

Railway enthusiasts take photos of the train used on the tour commemorating the opening of the ROYCE’ Town Station on the JR Sassho Line


ROYCE’ Town Station