“Sanshaku” firework launched on final day of Otaru Ushio Festival

The ‘Sanshaku’ firework that lit up the summer night sky in Otaru. Approx. 8:50 p.m. on July 24. Photographed from the Asahi Observation Deck in Otaru

On the evening of July 24 – the final day of the 56th Otaru Ushio Festival – the Doshin Noryo Fireworks Display was held as part of the festival finale in the vicinity of Otaru Port in the city of Otaru. Locals and tourists alike cheered and applauded as Hokkaido’s largest-scale ‘Sanshaku’ firework – the burst of which measured approximately 550 m in diameter – lit up the night sky.

On the 24th, approximately 3,000 fireworks, including ‘Starmines,’ were launched from the Ironai Futo Park, and one ‘Sanshaku’ firework (with a shell diameter of approximately 1 m) was launched from the ocean. A female high-school student from Otaru, who visited No. 3 Wharf at Otaru Port in order to watch the fireworks, said, “The fireworks filled the screen of the smartphone I was using to film them. I’ve never seen such big fireworks.”


Ironai Futo Park