"Sapporo City Jazz" opens, audiences back after two-year absence

The "Junior Jazz Orchestra" performs at the Odori Park 2-Chome venue in Sapporo

The 2022 installment of one of Japan’s largest jazz festivals, “Sapporo City Jazz”, opened in Sapporo City on July 16. “Park Jazz Live” concerts were held with audiences for the first time in two years at ten venues in the downtown Sapporo area, including Odori Park, intoxicating city residents with beautiful sounds.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Park Jazz Live concerts were conducted online for two years up until last year. This year, a total of approximately 200 groups featuring some 1,100 amateur and professional musicians from inside and outside of Hokkaido performed live for two days until July 17.

On the first day at the main venue of Odori Park 2-Chome, the Sapporo Junior Jazz School elementary student big band “Junior Jazz Orchestra” kicked off as the opening act, exciting the audience with renditions of four songs including “Vehicle”. Band coordinator and drummer Seto Haruki (10) commented, “The audience loved our songs, and we had a great time.”

The Planning Committee Head commented, “These live performances after a two-year suspension really makes it feel like the Sapporo summers have returned. I want people to enjoy sharing a communal space, get in a jazzy mood, and experience the amazingness of live music.”

Sapporo City Jazz website: https://sapporocityjazz.jp/


Odori Park 2-Chome venue