Sapporo Symphony Orchestra performance after five months hiatus

Sapporo Symphony Orchestra concert after five months hiatus

On August 1 Sapporo Symphony Orchestra performed its first concert in five months at the main concert hall in Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara. As a prevention measure against novel coronavirus spreading, they performed with fewer performers and audience members than usual. About five hundred audience members enjoyed listening to a live orchestra performance after the long period of closure.
This performance was held to make up for a cancelled April concert. The number of performers was cut to half of the original plan, spacing was inserted between about forty musicians on the stage, and the program was also altered. Additionally, the standard sharing of one sheet-music stand for two performers in the string instrument section was revised to allow a stand for each performer, and acrylic sheets were placed in front of wind instrument performers. The concert consisted of a total of eight songs, including Mozart Symphony No. 41 “Jupiter.” As a special addition, the concertmaster made a surprise appearance and performed two songs.
At the end of each song, the audience broke out into massive applause, and there were even people who held up towels with the Italian word for amazing, “Bravi,” written on them in place of the now prohibited cheering. Looking back on the performance, concertmaster Takahiro Tajima said, “Being able to perform in front of a live audience is a major source of encouragement for orchestra members as well. I was viscerally reminded of the amazing power of music during this concert.”


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