Sapporo's Climate Receives Good Evaluation for Marathon and Race Walking for Tokyo Olympics from Field Verification

Participants of the field verification of the course at the Hokkaido University campus.

In preparation for the Marathon and Race Walking events of the Tokyo Olympics to be held in Sapporo in August of next year, the organizing committee conducted a four-day field verification of the actual race course from August 6 to 9.

Olympic Organising Committee Acting Chairman Endo participated, accompanied by the World Athletics medical department Director and a medical staff member. They inspected the designated area for the first aid and water station at the Hokkaido University campus through which the course passes.
At an Organising Committee press conference held on August 8, the Committee also announced that World Athletics gave such favourable remarks as, “Sapporo’s climate is good for the race,” and, “The course through the Hokkaido University campus has tree shade that is good for the athletes.”