Shipments of Chanmery in time for the family toast this Xmas!

Chanmery being produced at the Obara factory
The 8 varieties of Chanmery marketed by Obara

Production of ‘Chanmery’, a Champagne-style carbonated drink used to raise toasts at Christmas parties and the like, has got underway earlier than normal this year at Obara, a beverage manufacturer in the town of Nanae in southern Hokkaido. As demand for Chanmery – which can be enjoyed by adults and children alike– is increasing year on year, production began earlier than normal this year, and the product is already on the shelves in some shops.
 Chanmery is a carbonated drink the trademark of which was registered in 1976 by the National Chanmery Cooperative (Tokyo), made up of small and medium-sized beverage makers throughout the whole of Japan. When the bottle of the non-alcoholic drink is opened, it makes a loud noise like that of a Champagne cork popping. It is produced by companies that are members of the Cooperative, and Obara is one of only two such companies in Hokkaido.
 Obara produces 8 varieties of Chanmery, including ‘Chanmery for grown-ups’, a sparkling dry Chanmery made with white Chardonnay grapes used in Champagne; ‘Christmas Island Salt Chanmery’ that contains salt produced on Christmas Island; and ‘Haskap Chanmery’ made from Hokkaido haskap berries. As more people are expected to spend Christmas at home this year due to the Coronavirus pandemic, demand from adults is expected to increase, resulting in production beginning earlier than normal, towards the end of September.