Sounds and scenery – Old style "Flap-Flap" display is still working

Flap, flap, flap. Vacationers and travelling businesspeople hear the noise and look. The noise is coming from the “split-flap flight information display” in the Hakodate Airport Terminal Building. The displays show information including the origins, destinations, and times of arriving and departing flights as well as flight cancellations. They are installed at two locations, in the Departure and Arrival Lobbies, and known by their nickname “Flap-Flap”.

The displays were replaced when the Hakodate Airport building was rebuilt in 2005. The flap format was reportedly kept in use due to features such as its low energy consumption, the ease of information comprehension due to the sound attracting attention when displayed information changes, and popularity among airport users.

Currently there are very few airports nationwide that use flap displays, and in Hokkaido, Hakodate Airport is the only airport to use them. The manufacturer has already ceased component supply, but the display manager commented, “They have not suffered any major damage or malfunctions before, so I hope they continue to be of service for a long time to come.”

The only "split-flap flight information display" in Hokkaido at the Hakodate Airport


Hakodate Airport