Steeped in Ainu culture, Akan Yukar Utasa Festival opened. Broadcast free online in lieu of physical audience.

A "Kamuynomi" ceremony for offering prayers to the gods was broadcast online

The “Akan Yukar Utasa Festival” displays the amazingness of the Ainu culture that exists in the Lake Akan area of eastern Hokkaido’s Kushiro City. Starting on February 13, it was held for 2 days at the Lake Akan Ainu Kotan settlement. It was held without a physical audience to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus. Performances including prayer ceremonies to the gods and ancient Ainu ritual dances were broadcast online for free.
This is the second installment, and was organized by Kushiro City. As a way to experience the culture of the indigenous Ainu people, on February 13 a “Kamuynomi” ceremony was broadcast in which prayers were offered to the gods for the success of the festival and for an end to the novel coronavirus pandemic. In addition, the broadcast also included footage of local craftspeople introducing embroidery and sculptures within the “Onnechise” Ainu Museum.
Festival footage can be viewed at the special festival website.


Lake Akan Ainu Kotan