Stop drift ice! A shield for scallops. Lake Saroma.

Rope for an “ice boom” designed to prevent drift ice from entering the lake interior was installed at the No. 1 Lake Entrance to Lake Saroma (Kitami City), a body of water neighboring north-eastern Hokkaido’s Sea of Okhotsk.
The Abashiri Development and Construction Department constructed the ice boom as the world’s first construction of its type and installed it along Lake Saroma’s No. 1 Lake Entrance, an area that is open to the ocean. The ice boom was designed to prevent damage from drift ice to scallop farming facilities in the lake. It has been in use since 1998. 130 meters of sturdy rope together with buoys stretches amidst 14 locking pins lined up in a semi-circle, and the entire construction stops drift ice from entering the lake.


the No. 1 Lake Entrance to Lake Saroma (Kitami City)