Succession of glass ornaments associated with the “ox” zodiac sign produced

Glass ox ornaments associated with this year’s zodiac sign

A succession of charming glass products associated with this year’s sign of the zodiac – the ox – are being produced at the Ryuhyo Glass Museum, a glass studio in the city of Abashiri in northeastern Hokkaido.
Work on the products began in late November of last year. A total of 4 varieties made from transparent and cloudy white glass are available in various sizes. Waste fluorescent lights were melted in a high temperature furnace to create the glass, which was then wrapped around the tip of a bar over one meter in length, and shaped using scissors and the like.
The work is carried out by two artisans: Gunji Noboru arranges the bodies of the oxen, while Matsushima Shiori takes the face and ear parts out of the furnace and joins them to the bodies. The highly coordinated work is carried out quickly and efficiently, with each ornament taking just over 10 minutes to complete. According to Gunji, “The design is cute, with bright eyes and large ears.”


Ryuhyo Glass Museum