Takasago Sake Brewery sake mellowed during snow storage

The master brewer tastes the new sake from the tank that has been dug out of the snow

Asahikawa-based Takasago Sake Brewery has dug out two types of snow-stored sake that had been ageing for approximately three months under the snow in the town of Biei in the Kamikawa region. The sake was unaffected by the relatively low levels of snowfall, and the taste is said to be as mild and mellow as in previous years.

 Snow-stored sake can be matured at a stable temperature of around minus 2 degrees by covering the tank containing the sake with snow. This has been done every year since 1997 as part of an eco-friendly sake-brewing method that does not use electricity, and this year the tanks were covered with snow again on January 5.
Nine employees began shoveling the snow around the tanks at 10:00 a.m. on March 30. Morimoto Yoshihisa, the master brewer who tasted the sake, looked relieved, saying, “The flavor has become more mellow while maintaining the fruity aroma. The aging process went as planned.”
Approximately 8,000 bottles of ‘Junmai-shu Taisetsu Setchu-chozo’ (720 ml, 1,375 yen), made from Comet sake rice, will be available for the summer season only from April 22. As the ‘Junmai Ginjo-shu Taisetsu Setchu-chozo’ (720 ml, 1,980 yen), made from Ginpu sake rice, is sold throughout the year, the new sake will be distributed after last year’s shipment has finished.


Takasago Sake Brewery