The first ‘Snow Cycle Festival’ amid Biei’s white forest

Participants race along the course white with snow

On February 27th, the ‘Biei Biruke-no-Mori Snow Cycle Festival’ was held for the first time in Shirogane in the town of Biei in northern Hokkaido, where participants competed in cycle races on a special course in the snow-covered forest. Fifty-four teams comprising 91 people from Asahikawa, Sapporo and other places in Hokkaido participated in the event, which involved competitors racing for two hours around a 1.3-km course in the forest near Shirogane Biruke, a roadside rest area in Biei.
The races were made up of 11 categories for fat bikes and mountain bikes equipped with spike tires, including solo and team categories in which participants took turns to ride. When the starting signal sounded, the riders set off at a brisk pace, cycling with ease on the specially established course.


Shirogane Biruke, a roadside rest area