The mountains are white and first snow falls on the plains in the three cities of Wakkanai, Asahikawa and Abashiri

A strong cold front entered the skies above Hokkaido on October 17, bringing the first snow of the season to Wakkanai, Asahikawa and Abashiri. This was the season’s first snowfall on the plains, in the whole of Japan. As of 11:00 p.m., the coldest temperatures of this season were recorded at 141 of the 173 observation points in Hokkaido.

The first snowfall in Wakkanai and Asahikawa came two days earlier than usual, and 13 days earlier than usual in Abashiri. The first covering of snow was announced on Mt. Teine (Sapporo), Mt. Meakandake (Kushiro etc.) and Mt. Yokotsudake (Nanae, Oshima region), and snow also fell from early morning on the Nissho Pass in the town of Shimizu in Tokachi as well as the Sekihoku Pass in the Okhotsk region of northern Hokkaido.

A company employee from Sapporo, who drove over Nakayama Pass in central Hokkaido for work, said “While I was taking a 15-min. break at the roadside rest area, there was a snowstorm and the parking lot was white. I want to drive safely to my destination.” According to the Hokkaido Prefectural Police, as of midnight on the 18th, a total of six roads and six sections of national and prefectural highways were closed due to the effects of snow and freezing road surfaces. Sapporo also recorded its lowest temperature of the season, at 5.5 degrees.


Nakayama Pass