This year’s ‘Your Chair’ in the image of a sled presented to four families in Kamikawa region

Commemorative photos with the four towns’ newborn babies sitting on the chairs with which they were presented

The ‘Your Chair Project’ (headed by Isoda Kenichi) – in which eight towns and villages in Hokkaido and beyond participate, including five towns in the Kamikawa region of northern Hokkaido – held a presentation for its 2021 model at the Kembuchi Museum of Picture Books on April 25. Designer Kawato Rika (39), a resident of Tokyo, was responsible for designing the chair, which features wooden cross rails on the legs, in the image of a wooden sled. Four families from four towns in the Kamikawa region whose first child was born this year were invited to the presentation to receive the chair.

 This year’s chairs use Mongolian oak produced in Hokkaido, are 45.5 cm high, and were produced by Art Craft Bau Studio in the town of Higashikawa, and Takumi Kohgei in the town of Higashikagura.

 Designer Kawato, who attended the model’s presentation explained how she fitted cross rails to the chair’s legs in the image of wooden sleds and the blades of ice-skating boots used since the olden days in Hokkaido, to prevent the legs causing damage to tatami mats and floors. “The chairs can be pushed to practice walking and include a variety of elements. I hope they become important chairs imbued with the times spent with your children,” she said.


Kembuchi Museum of Picture Books