Toasting "Rosé on the Rocks Day" with Tokachi wine

Ikeda Town Tourist Association staff promoting the Rosé on the Rocks Day gift campaign

To promote the June 9 “Rosé on the Rocks Day”, the Ikeda Town Tourist Association in Eastern Hokkaido’s Tokachi region is sponsoring a campaign from June 9 to 30 gifting Townsperson Rosé Wine to 15 people.

Ikeda is known as “a wine town”. According to the Ikeda Town Tourist Association, the origin of rosé on the rocks was when “Wine Pub Tokachi” opened up in Tokyo in June 1971 and started serving “Townsperson Rosé Wine” in large glass mugs. Afterward, that cultural practice was brought back into Ikeda, and drinking the wine with ice became popular.

People who want to apply for a chance to win the gift must first make a “rosé on the rocks” by pouring the Tokachi Wine called “Townsperson Rosé Wine” into a large glass mug filled with ice cubes and then take a photograph of themselves with the wine. Just post the photograph on Instagram or Facebook with the search keyword hashtag #ロゼロック (rosé on the rocks), and you are good to go.

To learn the exact process for making “rosé on the rocks” correctly, check videos on the video sharing website “YouTube”, accessible from places like the Ikeda Town Tourist Association website.

Six contestants selected by lottery will be awarded with one Townsperson Rosé Wine bottle, and nine contestants will be awarded with two bottles.

Anyone can try to win as long as they are at least 20 years old. Townsperson Rosé Wine is available in volume sales shops and liquor stores in the Tokachi district. For details, see the Town Tourist Association website. (Japanese only)


Ikeda Town Tourist Association