Tokyo artist exhibit at Manabe Garden invites viewers into a different world with mirror film

The Yoshino Shotaro exhibit features a mirror film installation in the garden.

An exhibit called “Kyokai” (Border) showing work from Tokyo-based modern artist Yoshino Shotaro is being held at Manabe Garden in Obihiro. Using mirror film that is reflective like a mirror on the outside, Yoshino depicts a world in which real and imaginary images intermingle.

This is the first time Yoshino work has been exhibited in Hokkaido. The inspiration for this piece lies in the artist discovering that, contrary to the general misconception that the panoramic Tokachi landscape is a pure state of nature, the landscape is actually the result of people developing the area and cultivating farmland. He instilled within the piece the message that when a viewer looks at something formerly taken for granted with a new understanding of that thing’s background, it will reveal a different face to the viewer.

At the exhibit, three sheets of 12-meter-long by two-meter-wide mirror film are held up above the site, draping the area. When visitors walk underneath the film and look up at the sky, light shines through, and the scene takes on a feeling that is completely different from its normal state. Yoshino commented, “When you exit the film area, the outside world looks different. I wanted to express the importance of putting distance between yourself and things, and observing them objectively.” The exhibit is open until November 28.


Manabe Garden