Twin lambs born on a farm in Naganuma

Twin lambs 10 hours after birth, walking shakily but vigorously. Noon on February 22

A total of five male lambs, including two sets of twins, were born between the early hours of February 22 and noon on February 24, at Menno Village Naganuma, a farm in the town of Naganuma in the Sorachi region of central Hokkaido. Since the day they were born, the lambs have been walking around making high-pitched cries, suckling their mother, and generally being cute.
The lambs are of the Texel breed, a meat breed native to the Netherlands, and the farm raises approximately 30 of them. Aratani Mai (26), who is in charge of raising the animals, said, “This breed has many twins, so there is a possibility that we will have up to about 30 lambs this year. I want to take good care of them so that all the births go well.”
Aiming for sustainable agriculture that is resilient to climate change, the farm grows a wide variety of green manure crops without the use of pesticides or tillage, and practices a farming method in which the feces of the grazing sheep are returned to the fields in which wheat is produced.


Menno Village Naganuma