Unexpected developments in ‘Neguse no shikumi’ prove popular as Yoshitake receives ‘Kembuchi Picture Book Town Grand Prize

Kembuchi Ehon-no-Sato Grand Prize winning ‘Neguse no Shikumi’ (two lower books) and (L to R) Bibakarasu Award winning ‘Pan dorobo’, and ‘Watashi no namae wa Soya Honsen’, and Alpaca Award winning ‘Kanashimi no Gorilla (The Boy and the Gorilla)’
Yoshitake Shinsuke

Yoshitake Shinsuke is the creator of ‘Neguse no Shikumi’ (the mechanisms of bed hair) (Bronze Publishing Inc.), which was selected for the 31st Kembuchi Ehon-no Sato (Picture Book Town) Grand Prize (sponsored by the Kembuchi Ehon-no-Sato Creation Executive Committee) announced on October 1. It is the first time the award has been presented to the same person for three consecutive years. “It’s great that each time the voters say it is interesting,” said a delighted Yoshitake. With its comical touch, ‘Pan dorobo’ (bread thief) (Shibata Keiko, KADOKAWA Corporation) was selected for the runner-up Bibakasrasu Award, along with ‘Watashi no namae wa Soya Honsen’ (The Soya Main Line) (words by Arao Michiko, pictures by Horikawa Makoto; Asunaro Shobo) – which has strong connections with the region. Both creations received high appraisals from those concerned.

‘Neguse no Shikumi’ is a story about a sleeping girl being taken out by unidentified people and encountering unexpected events. According to the secretary-general of the Kembuchi Ehon-no-Sato Grand Prize Creation Executive Committee, the residents’ group that founded the award, “The unexpected developments attracted readers, while the theme of the story – bed hair – is something that is common to everyone.”

In addition, the Alpaca Award, which is awarded to newcomers, went to ‘Kanashimi no Gorilla’ (The Boy and the Gorilla) (words by Jackie Azúa Kramer; pictures by Cindy Derby; translated by Ochiai Keiko; published by Crayonhouse Inc.)


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