Unmanned firewood shop popular at farm in Toyoura

Unmanned firewood shop set up at the Berry Farm Toyoura parking area

A tourist farm called “Berry Farm Toyoura”, located along National Route 37 in Central Hokkaido Iburi region’s town of Toyoura, has installed an unmanned firewood shop, and the shop is attracting popularity.
Firewood shelving is situated under the eaves of the farm parking lot building. Firewood for camping is 500 yen per bundle, and customers pay by putting money in a wooden box set in the shelving. Swedish torch logs with cuts incised vertically into the trunk to make them burnable as-is are 1,000 yen each. The hardwood firewood blend for firewood heaters is 23,000 yen for approximately 1.4 cubic meters.

The tree species consist of Japanese alder, Japanese white birch, and mizunara harvested on the farmland and in the surrounding mountain woodlands, and dried for one and a half to two years. The camping wood includes fire starter conifer softwood.

The firewood shop started last year, and this year it reopened in early April after waiting for the snow to melt. Farm owner Kamoi commented, “We set the camping wood at an inexpensive price to make it purchasable for just one coin. And we also get some purchases from people who come to buy wood after seeing the roadside flag. This year Toyoura town camp areas will be back in action after two years of closure, so we are hoping for a lot of usage.”


Berry Farm Toyoura