Vivid beads and embroidery of northern peoples temporarily on display at Kushiro Art Museum

With a focus on introducing the bead and embroidery work of the northern peoples, the temporary exhibit entitled “Embroidery and Beads Decoration Handiwork” featuring collection pieces from the Hokkaido Museum of Northern Peoples (Abashiri City) began on October 31 at the Kushiro Art Museum in eastern Hokkaido’s Kushiro City.
The museum gave a tour in which a curator explains the displayed works, and 39 participants gazed intently at the diverse works born of needle and thread. The exhibit was organized by the Kushiro Art Museum and the Hokkaido Shimbun Press, Kushiro Branch Office. The venue is displaying 210 pieces, including Eskimo bowls decorated with beads and bridal costumes from the indigenous people of Russia’s Amur River Basin, embroidered with patterns asking for prosperity for descendants.


Kushiro Art Museum