A clash of blues of the sky and the lake surface from the summit of Mt. Fuppushi

Mt. Fuppushi (1,102 m), one of the peaks that surround Lake Shikotsu in the city of Chitose in central Hokkaido was blessed with fine weather on March 7, resulting in a clash of the deep blues of the sky and lake surface.
 The mountain’s trailhead is on the Morappu side of the Lake Shikotsu shore. The thermometer indicates minus 10 degrees Celsius. The surface of the snow is hard due to the cold after the warmer April-like temperatures of the previous weekend. Climbers wear metal crampons and carry ice picks to prevent them from sliding.

 Upon arrival at the summit, Japan’s northernmost ice-free lake, Lake Shikotsu can be seen below. The “Lake Shikotsu Blue”, created by an approximate depth of 360 m and clear water quality, shines brightly. The air is clear and the sky is deep blue. Mt. Eniwa (1,320 m) rises from the opposite shore and, to the right in the distance, the buildings of Sapporo can be seen.

 The sunlight is so strong it hurts the eyes if sunglasses are removed. Spring is almost here.


Mt. Fuppushi