A green heart floating amid the Shakotan blue

The beautiful sea, known as “Shakotan blue” sparkles in the strong, summer sunlight. A drone flown above the sea reveals a green heart approximately 300 meters off the coast of the Ogon Peninsula in Bikuni in the town of Shakotan in the central Hokkaido region of Shiribeshi.

The heart-shaped island is an uninhabited island known as Takarajima (treasure island). It was named as such due to the prolific fishing grounds that existed there during the times when herring fishing was a thriving industry, and large numbers of herring would approach its shores. From the shore, the slope of Takarajima from north to south is a rocky triangle shape, but when viewed from above it looks like a beautiful heart surrounded by blue sea.

The surrounding waters are extremely clear, and on sunny days it is possible to see the seabed.

The heart-shaped Takarajima floats amid the beautiful ‘Shakotan blue’ sea (photo taken using a drone)