Aerial stroll – Mt. Yotei

Located in central Hokkaido, Mt. Yotei (1,898 m) is one of the prefecture’s most famous peaks. As the beautiful, symmetrical appearance of this conical ‘stratovolcano’ is similar to that of Mt. Fuji, the mountain is known as ‘Ezo Fuji’. Its expansive base straddles 5 municipalities, including the towns of Kutchan and Niseko. The mountain’s appearance and expressions change according to the time of day and the angle from which it is viewed, and it serves as a symbol of the Niseko region.

The first snow to settle on the peak this year was confirmed on October 6, four days later than usual. The snow around the summit looks almost like a dollop of cream, as white lines are clearly depicted in the deep channels that stretch toward the foothills.


Mt. Yotei