Aerial stroll – the heart amid a rapeseed blossom field

A large, clear heart shape has appeared in a field of bright yellow rapeseed blossoms. The field is located on the hillside terrain in the vicinity of Mt. Iou (159 m) in the town of Kaminokuni in the Hiyama region of southern Hokkaido.
The field was created by the town’s tourism association in meadows surrounding the town’s symbolic ‘Tower of Dawn in Hokkaido’ as part of the ‘Flower Field Revival Project,’ which was launched in FY 2020. Local farmers and the like cooperated with seed panting in autumn of last year, to create a 30 m × 30 m heart shape in a field approximately 7,500 square meters in size.

The rapeseed blossoms began to bloom in early May and have already reached full bloom. The heart shape could be seen from the observatory half-way up the 24-m-high tower.
Until about 15 years ago, rapeseed blossom fields were dotted around the vicinity of Mt. Iou and were familiar to locals, but in recent years there have been fewer and fewer farmers cultivating the crop.
With regard to the project, Nozaka Naoya, secretary general of the tourism association says “We want to recreate scenery from the past and make it a new tourist attraction in southern Hokkaido.”

The rapeseed blossom viewing period will continue until late June. After that, the association plans to plant sunflowers and marigolds in the center of the field, so that visitors can enjoy the changing colors of the heart shape.

The field of rapeseed blossoms in front of the ‘Tower of Dawn in Hokkaido’ in which the heart shape is depicted. Kaminokuni Town (shot from a drone)


Tower of Dawn in Hokkaido