Amur daylilies embellish Mt. Rishiri

Amur daylilies in full bloom on the Wakasakanai Coast overlooking Mt. Rishiri

The early-summer-flowering Amur daylily is currently reaching its peak in the coastal area of Enbetsu and the Sarobetsu Plain, which spans the towns of Toyotomi and Horonobe in the Soya region of northern Hokkaido.

This perennial grass of the lily family grows to a height of around 70 cm. On the Wakasakanai coast, with its panoramic views of Mt. Rishiri, the northernmost of Japan’s 100 most famous mountains, the vivid yellow Amur daylilies are a sight to behold for bike riders from all over the country traveling north along the Ororon Line.
Meanwhile, at the Kanaura Wildflower Meadows on the Enbetsu coast, the Amur daylilies are also in full bloom on the marshlands. A 450-long boardwalk there leads visitors to the meadows – which provide spectacular views of the wind turbines – allowing the flowers to be viewed from close range.


Wakasakanai coast