Art made by aquatic plants and wind, "Tsutsuji Marsh" in Bifuka

The leaves are green, but look white due to the sunlight.

Aquatic plants are making mysterious patterns on the water surface in Tsutsuji Marsh, located in Matsuyama Wetland (797 meters above sea level) in northern Hokkaido’s Bifuka Town. Matsuyama Wetland is known as a high moor.
Tsutsuji Marsh is about 100 meters large. Innumerable long, thin green leaves about 80 cm long and 4 mm wide float on the surface of the water, covering half of the marsh. The leaves all face the same direction together as if they were being combed like hair. This is probably caused by the wind.
The aquatic plants are thought to be the Sparganium angustifolium species, a perennial of the Typhaceae family. This is designated an endangered species by the Ministry of the Environment. They grow in alpine belt ponds in Hokkaido and Nagano Prefecture.
The aquatic plants are shining in the abundant late-summer sunlight, as autumn waits around the corner in the wetland.


Matsuyama Wetland