Art made from jewelry ice shines golden in the morning sun

Art work using ‘jewelry ice,’ which are lumps of transparent ice that drift ashore in winter, have been displayed on the Otsu coast in the town of Toyokoro in the Tokachi region. The coast was enveloped in a magical atmosphere, with the works of art shining golden in the morning sun.

 The event was planned by Urashima Hisashi, a photography enthusiast from the city of Obihiro who first named the natural phenomenon ‘jewelry ice.’ Urashima recruited Muranaka Tetsuya, a sculptor and junior high school teacher in the town of Makubetsu, to create the works of art, the production of which began on December 19.

 On the morning of December 29, in the bitter cold of minus 14 degrees, Muranaka and his team put on their headlamps and searched for ice that had drifted ashore. They selected sheets of ice and arranged them at different angles in three-dimensional patterns to create works of art approximately 1.5 meters tall.

 The ‘natural art,’ was constantly damaged by waves and wind both during production and after completion. There is no longer any trace of any of the three works of art produced to date. According to Urashima, who documented the production process with photographs, “As the weather gets colder, large blocks of ice appear. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of works will be created in the future.” Production will continue as long as the jewelry ice is washed ashore.

Works of art completed by arranging sheets of jewelry ice at different angles. 7:30 a.m. on December 29


Jewelry ice