Asian fawnlily in full bloom at Otokoyama Nature Park

A carpet of blooming Asian fawnlily in Otokoyama Nature Park near Mt. Tossho

Asian fawnlily (Erythronium japonicum) are in full bloom at Otokoyama Nature Park on the south side of Mt. Tossho, which straddles the border between the city of Asahikawa and the town of Pippu in northern Hokkaido. Blue Ezo-engosaku (Corydalis fumariifolia) and yellow forked-stem adonis (Adonis ramosa) flowers can also be seen amid the pale purple carpet of flowers, heralding the arrival of spring.
On April 22, thirty children from the Asahikawa University Kindergarten visited the garden and were delighted to see the ‘carpet of flowers.’ “We were able to put smiles on the faces of the children, even though it has been difficult for them to get out due to the pandemic,” said the principal of the Kindergarten, which also took the children to places where skunk cabbage flowers bloomed.

 The park has one of the largest Asian fawnlily colonies in Hokkaido, and the company that owns the park opens it free of charge every year during this season. This season, the park was open until April 30.


Mt. Tossho