Autumn foliage spreads in Kushiro and Nemuro

Leaves of the trees on the shores of Green Lake Shoro turn red and yellow

Foliage in mountainous areas and around lakes in the Kushiro and Nemuro regions is turning red and yellow as October progresses in eastern Hokkaido. The autumn scenery is on full display as the colours of the trees contrast beautifully with the evergreens.
 According to the Lake Mashu Tourism Association (Teshikaga Town), “the peak of the autumn foliage in the vicinity of Kawayu Onsen was mid-October” and inquiries from tourists have increased. The autumn foliage is also steadily advancing in the vicinity of the Green Lake Shoro in the town of Shiranuka, and leaves are beginning to fall as color comes to those of Japanese lime and mizunara trees in the Lake Akan area.
In the vicinity of Shiretoko Pass, tourists can be seen enjoying the sight of the autumn leaves of Erman’s birch and white birch from mid-way down to the foot of the mountain.


Green Lake Shoro