Autumn leaf watching with umbrellas to maintain optimal distance

Oct. 25
Participants with their umbrellas out, enjoying the reddening tree foliage

Why were people at Kinsenkyo Gorge using umbrellas on such a refreshingly clear autumn day? Autumn has arrived at Kinsenkyo Gorge in the town of Takinoue, located in Eastern Hokkaido’s Okhotsk region, and a nature watching event was held there on October 9. Eighty participants enjoyed the colorful gorge, holding umbrellas to maintain distance from each other as a COVID-19 transmission prevention measure.

The Takinoue Tourist Association holds this event every year under the name “Autumn! Let’s Walk!! Kinsenkyo”. Since last year, participants are required to use umbrellas as a COVID-19 pandemic precaution.

Participants enjoyed a leisurely 4.2-kilometer stroll along a path adjacent to the clear stream while listening to explanations from a local guide. Partially due to the scorching heat of summer this year, the progress of autumn coloring varies a bit depending on the spot, but participants exuberantly captured numerous shots of wonderful scenes such as reddening mountain maple leaves.

A woman visiting from Asahikawa said with a smile, “The weather is wonderful, and this is such a happy feeling. This refreshing scenery washes fatigue away.”


Kinsenkyo Gorge