Autumn sunflowers watched over by snow-capped Mt. Yotei

Swaying sunflowers with snow-capped Mt. Yotei in the background

Large yellow sunflowers, the official flower of the town of Kyogoku in Central Hokkaido, bloom with snow-capped Mt. Yotei in the background. The autumn-blooming sunflowers are planted as a form of fertilizer, and are enjoyed by visitors as they bloom beautifully amid the cold winds.
 Fields in the Kasuga district of the town are filled with the small sunflowers that grow to approximately 50 cm in height. People, surprised by the unseasonal blooms, can often be seen with Smartphones taking pictures of the flowers.
According to the Yotei Agricultural Cooperative, some farmers plant the sunflowers in the fields along the national highway, for the enjoyment of passers-by. In October, as the days suddenly start to become colder, work to mix the sunflowers into the soil in the fields intensifies. As the sunflowers disappear, winter arrives at the foot of Mt. Yotei.


Kasuga district of Kyogoku town