Blue columbine flowers blooming beautifully again this year in Hakodate

Columbine flowers in full viewing season (May 14)

Columbine flowers viewing season is approaching at a lawn of a house located on Shirahama beach in Sumiyoshicho in Southern Hokkaido’s Hakodate City. Flower clusters spread over the ground like a blue carpet, and neighborhood residents are enjoying this amazing but brief scene.

Originally, columbine flowers of different colors including yellow and orange were planted nearby, but as the years passed the blue flowers outgrew and dominated the other colors. This year higher temperatures prompted blooming earlier than usual.

This scene has been around for about 20 years. Neighbors gazed wistfully at the fully bloomed columbine flowers, saying, “They bloomed beautifully again this year.”


Sumiyoshicho in Hakodate City