Cliff stonecrop flowers bloom in Cape Erimo

On a cliff face in Erimo Town’s Cape Erimo in the Hidaka region, home of crashing Pacific Ocean waves, endangered cliff stonecrop flowers are blooming, and fully in season. Stonecrops are a perennial plant in the Crassulaceae (stonecrop) family that are known as a Hokkaido indigenous species. They grow mainly in the Hidaka region, sprouting up in colonies along the Mount Apoi hillside and in cracks in seashore stones, and blooming into vermillion colored flowers one centimeter in diameter. Health Sciences University of Hokkaido Associate Professor Horita said, “These are tough flowers that can withstand strong winds with a maximum instantaneous wind velocity that can at times exceed 40 meters per hour. They can even withstand seawater at high tide, and live firmly attached to a cliff face. I’m glad we were able to observe them in full bloom again this year.”