Cool violet color of the flax flower

Farm fields in which flax and white mustard flowers create a bicolor spectacle. July 8, Sarabetsu

Pale violet petals sway in the summer breeze as flax plants reach full bloom in farm fields in the village of Sarabetsu in the Tokachi region.

 Flax was once widely cultivated in the Tokachi region for its fibers, but has since disappeared due to the spread of synthetic fibers. Cultivation at this farm began approximately 10 years ago, and the flaxseed oil extracted from its seeds is sold.

 The plant is cultivated on approximately 3 hectares of land, creating a bicolored spectacle that can be enjoyed with the yellow flowers of white mustard planted in adjacent fields.

 The flax flowers bloom with the sunrise and scatter during the daytime, but separate buds bloom the following day.


The flax flowers bloom in farm fields in the village of Sarabetsu