Drift ice arrives along the shores of Esashi, 17 days earlier than last year

The Ustaibe Senjo-iwa Rock coastline, where the drift ice arrived on the shore

Drift ice floating south in the Sea of Okhotsk reached the shores of the town of Esashi in the Soya region of northern Hokkaido for the first time this season on January 17, seventeen days earlier than last year.

The ice, which was drifting offshore, arrived on the coast in the vicinity of the Ustaibe Senjo-iwa Rock, located to the north of central Esashi. According to the Wakkanai Local Meteorological Observatory, the drift ice is scattered within 10 km of the shore along a 20-30 km stretch of coastline between Esashi and the village of Sarufutsu in the same region. Strong northerly winds on the 16th are believed to have blown some of the ice to the shores of the town.


Ustaibe Senjo-iwa Rock