"Earliest autumn colors in Japan" color Mount Hokuchin

Alpine bearberry shrubs started turning red around Daisetsuzan National Park’s Mount Hokuchin (2,244 meters), Hokkaido’s second tallest peak. The “earliest autumn colors in Japan” have begun.
On September 3, the hike started from Station 7 on Mount Kurodake (1,984 meters high). After going over the Mount Kurodake summit, the ridge that heads towards Mount Hokuchin is spotted with red-colored alpine bearberry. It looks like a red carpet.
The last steep incline towards Mount Hokuchin. The blue summer “mountain harebell” flower is still in bloom. Alpine bearberry autumn colors started around the usual yearly time, according to a company operating an aerial tramway and lift going all the way to the middle of the Kurodake mountainside from Sounkyo, a famous tourist spot in northern Hokkaido’s town of Kamikawa.


Mount Hokuchin