Eighty percent of Lake Mashu freezes, creating a mosaic-like pattern

Lake Mashu in the Akan-Mashu National Park (the town of Teshikaga in eastern Hokkaido) continues to freeze, as the ice spreads over approximately 80% of the lake’s surface. The parts of the lake surface that froze first are now covered in white snow, and cracks in the newer ice, through which the deep blue water surface can be seen, create various expressions on the winter lake.

 A temperature of minus 22.6 degrees was recorded in Teshikaga on February 4, as severe cold conditions continued in the region. Ice that began to form near the shores of Lake Mashu early this month gradually advanced toward the center of the lake.

 According to the town’s Tourism & Commerce Division, “The parts where the water surface can be seen are also covered in a thin layer of ice in the cold early mornings. Depending on the temperatures from now on, the entire surface could freeze over for the first time in two years.”


Lake Mashu