Endangered common shelduck sighted off Rebun Island

Confirmed sighting of a common shelduck at the Funadomari Bay coast

I succeeded in photographing one common shelduck at the coast of Funadomari Bay, a body of water located off of Northern Hokkaido’s Rebun Island. The common shelduck is designated as an endangered species in the Ministry of the Environment Red List. In Hokkaido, there are confirmed cases in the Southern Hokkaido area, but Northern Hokkaido sightings are extremely rare.

This photograph captured an April 6 scene, in which a male common shelduck floated on waters about ten meters off the shore amidst strong winds, dipping his face into the ocean to eat something under the water.

According to Murakami Kenji (Rebun Town) from the Northern Hokkaido Chapter of the Wild Bird Society of Japan, the common shelduck flew away from Funadomari Bay the morning of the next day, April 7, when the wind calmed. However, another sighting was reported on April 10.

The common shelduck is a migratory bird that spends its winters along coasts from central Kyushu northward. Its main identifying features are its upward-curving red beak and its greenish-black, white, and brown colored body.
(Words and photo: Press Correspondent Miyamoto Seiichiro)


Funadomari Bay